Classes and Workshops

Now that I am settled in my studio at Calstock Boatyard, I am offering a variety of regular Jewellery making classes and occasional workshops. Classes will be held at the studio and run for two hours, with a maximum of three students at a time.
For many years I have taught both privately and within Cambridge L.E.A Adult Education sector and I hold a Certificate in Further Education and Adult teaching.
Privately, I have taught 4 to 6 students in a class; with L.E.A it was anything from 12 to 20. I have held workshops with up to 30 students.
Class fees are from £25 per 2 hour session. If you wish to attend classes with a friend, I offer a 20% discount. A 10% discount is applied to a six week series of classes, with payment on booking.
Class prices will include the use of studio tools and materials
excepting the Bullion materials (Silver/Gold). These will be costed separately at the time of purchase. The amount for your project will be estimated and you will purchase the Silver clay & wire when you pay for your classes and any unused Silver clay/ wire will be kept with your work, for your use in your next project. Pearls, Glass beads, Gemstones etc. will also be available for students to purchase.
All Fine Silver clay items will be fully sintered at 900 degrees Celsius for two hours in a kiln. I do not use or teach torch or stove-top firing methods as they do not fully sinter the Silver particles and the resulting piece of jewellery would be very weak.
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Classes will include:-

Silver Paste work - Using a suitable leaf or pod, collected by you or from my collection, you will be shown how to build and dry the layers to achieve a suitable thickness. You will also form a bail from Silver wire and attach it to the back of the leaf/pod, which will then become an integral part of the piece during sintering. (The Oak leaf here has been given a beautiful bronze patina, using ‘Livers of Sulphur’).
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Hollow-forming - Using Cork/Wood clay, you will be shown the technique of hollow-forming. You will make both free-formed and moulded shapes with clay and/or paste Silver. These can be further embellished by slip work or veneer and can form a pendant, earrings, bead set or charm beads. This technique is useful for making larger items, without the weight.
Veneers and Layering - Veneers are thin, flexible textured sheets of metal clay that are applied to the surface of a dried piece and can also be layered to create variation in surface pattern & texture.
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Ring making - We will be covering a variety of techniques in making and sizing rings. These will include; Flat strap Silver clay, wire forming and embellishing, moulding, forging, hammer-texturing & riveting.
Doming - You will be shown two techniques for forming domed pieces. The first in clay form and the second in metal form. This will provide some useful Bead/Pearl caps.
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Wire work - Fusing & Forging and Wire-Wrapping - Form a pendant or earrings from Fine Silver wire, heating it with a gas hand torch until the metal begins to flow and fuse to
form a solid piece. The piece(s) will then be forged (a process of hammering and annealing to alter shape) and given a patina. Create Ear-wires. Wire wrap Pearls and Gemstones.
Further Silver Jewellery-making techniques will include: Chain making, Pearl setting, Stone setting, Negative Caning, Base Taille Enamelling, and Keum Boo. I will also be offering Jewellery classes covering various materials such as Leather and Porcelain.

Workshops are planned for later in the year.
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Refreshments are available from the boatyard galley. Delicious cakes, too!